Has the power to reach people
Delicately they connect to emotion
I enhance their memories. This is my joy.


Honour Your Voice and let your Soul Sing!

When you sing, do you feel a sense of completeness or grounded-ness? 

Do you sometimes make sounds that you have no idea where they came from? 

Do you sometimes just want to RAWR everything out? 
Or maybe you know there is a part of you that you haven't "accessed" yet. It might be magical, powerful or just simply different from your usual self? 

My new online course is for you.
It's for the woman who loves to make sounds, loves to sing and want to deepen their connection to self and explore your own unique voice.

Learn more.

Women Represent: An Online Concert Series

Reflective | Dynamic | Creative | Expressive
Dates to be announced.

In celebration of International Women's Day join me for my first online concert series.

Let's celebrate and honour the women that we are and live with, the Goddesses that inspire us and the Witchy Queens that live in every community.

Inspired by the beautiful cycle of women and the moon. This series of mini concerts will feature female only compositions.


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