Has the power to reach people
Delicately they connect to emotion
I enhance their memories. This is my joy.


23rd March 2 - 5pm
Embrace Your Inner Voice and Let your Soul Sing!: A Workshop by Anita van Rooyen and Phoebe Deklerk.

What happens when you combine Singing and Confidence?
Anita & Phoebe are sharing an afternoon workshop to give you a taste of what real confidence and singing can do to help you express yourself, all set in a fun and safe environment. Have your inner child ready for this afternoon, she's going to have some FUN!

What will I get out of it?
For starters, we'll help you find your inner voice.  You know that part of you that wants to roar like a lioness, to be heard, but ends up squeaking like a mouse instead...
Along with this, you’ll;
- feel taller
- feel more alive
- flex your courage muscle
- connect with your voice
- try something new in a fun and safe environment (what happens in the workshop, stays in the workshop)

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