Has the power to reach people
Delicately they connect to emotion
I enhance their memories. This is my joy.


The Christmas Consort: The Advent Event of the Season

5 of Melbourne's emerging classical singers get together to bring the Jolly to the Holly Music that's all about CHRISTMAS.

1st December, 2:30pm @ St Mary's Church, Ascot Vale, 3032
7th December, 7:30pm @ St Francis, Melbourne CBD
9th December, 2:30pm @ St Mary's Church Ascot Vale, 3032

Phoebe's Fond Farewells: Everything you wanted to know about Funeral Songs but were afraid to ask!

While wedding singers are considered glamorous and get a good rap with the media, funeral singers miss out. Phoebe aims to address this imbalance by spot-lighting funeral singing and the importance of heavenly music at funerals.

We are all going to die sometime, but have you considered your funeral? Phoebe has planned hers, and will share her musical ideas and challenge yours, so you can have the funeral you’d die for.

So, come and join Phoebe, a classical vocalist, for a thought-provoking journey about funerals, with anecdotes and heavenly songs that will have you laughing through your tears.

Showing from the 29th January to the 7th of February with Fringe World at the Cheeky Sparrow on Wolf Lane, Perth.


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