Be a Ninja - Learn to breathe silently.

Do you get annoyed by your ominously loud breath when you're walking to the bathroom at night? It makes you question whether someone's follow you right? It makes your heart race and you have dreams of the boogie man under the bed.

Or more realistically you podcast or are breath conscious when on phone meetings. Right? 

Yeah, I thought so.

The act of breathing silently is not rocket science as you'll find out in this 9 minute audio.

Do you want to be able to breathe, not gasp, when you need air in your lungs? 

Do you want to feel more harmony in your body, throat and expression? 

Being a ninja (someone who can sneak up on someone else because their breathe is silent) can be wicked awesome.

So do your yoga and diction exercises and have a crack at this with me.
I can't wait to hear your ninja stories.

Download Audio Now
Download Audio Now

Who is Phoebe Deklerk?

Phoebe Deklerk has loved singing for as long as she can remember. Enjoying the practice of preparing and improving the voice, Phoebe is an Opera Singer.  

Growing up Phoebe used to sneak up on her parents a lot - it was the perfect combination of silent breathing and light stepping. She also is completely silent in her sleep. Unsure whether it was a super power, Phoebe investigated how breathe can be silent.

Noticing that other women want to breathe silently or less audibly or sound fitter (??) she decided to share the knowledge she has had to use in life and singing.

From private coaching clients, funerals, weddings and a 10 week course for women to realise and release their expression, Phoebe's mission is to give people the power to Honour their voices (spoken and sung) and be who they really are in their relationships, work life, and with themselves.

Download Audio Now


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