I loves empowering others through teaching singing.

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Phoebe, the Singing Teacher.

I love to teach singing, not because it's what I'm expected to do, but because I want to share my passion for singing.
My love of singing has helped me in so many ways. Singing is empowering.
Because of singing …. being brave and facing my fears at a young age was possible.
Because of singing …high school was easier.
Because of singing ….  I learnt resilience and how to take rejection.
Singing allows us to voice what we feel, not just in words or pitches, but in timbres (the way our voice sounds) and in physical expression, or lack of.
Singing allows me to transport myself and others to personal places and find our unique spaces within.  
Your voice is unique and will help you share and utilise your skills and abilities. You deserve the best voice to sing out whatever your heart desires.

How can Singing be more FUN? Workshop

Singing isn't meant to be hard. Singing can be a joyful form of expression. It IS expression, therefore we can use it to express anything.

So, let's get expressing our inner puppies, baboons, galahs and more as these FUN sounds will improve our singing voices.

Sounds fun right?

Leave your chronic seriousness at home and bring out the inner child.

What will I get out of it?
For starters, I'll get you vocalising freely and with ease. (its going to be AMAZING)

Then, we'll use that freedom to direct our voices.
I'll give you some exercises to take home. (I hope your neighbours won't mind)
- Debunk the myths about singing.
- you'll feel more grounded in your body.
- hopefully sleep better the night of the workshop (Cause we've used our bodies for vocalising properly)
- get you excited about singing (in the shower, or maybe in a singing lesson)
- bonding with other little humans as you teach them exotic sounds.
- try something new( or revisit something) in a fun and safe environment.

There may be a prize for the best crow impersonation, or if you can Magpie, wow. Please share.

I'm limited to 8 people, so get in quick.

$30 pre-paid
$50 on the day.

Terms & Conditions

Phoebe, the Choir Director.

I'm not your average choir director.
I have a vision. As choirs meet weekly, I have regular opportunities to help singers in my choir improve their singing and their vocal techniques. Many choirs don’t make time for teaching even simple singing techniques.

I direct two choirs at present. One is associated with a One Voice Grant that I won with Lee Palumbo, the East Coburg Neighbourhood House co-ordinator in June 2018. It combines rehearsals (75minutes of singing) and supper every Tuesday from 5:30 to 7:30 at the Coburg Court House right near the Coburg train station.  Here, the focus is on COMMUNITY!! We want to bring the community together and help people make new friends – friends for one rehearsal or for a life time. I am really excited by this choir.  

My other choir is with the Manningham ArtsStudio above the Doncaster Library. We meet on Thursdays from 10am to 12pm and we usually have a social coffee afterwards. As most of the members are retired women(but men are invited too), it's the perfect time of day for a sing. The song theme changes each term. At the moment, we're singing out the 70's.

Karaoke Booster - Bring out the Rock Star.

Have you ever day-dreamed about having a singing party? Do you consider dressing up as a rockstar when invited to fancy dress parties?

Be a SUPER STAR for an hour with me and myKaraoke Booster in your own home.
I can improve your karaoke skills 100 fold, as long as you give it your best shot. I'll give you some tips on how to make singing easier and more fun while we ACE a single song together.

My Karaoke Booster is best for groups of 4- 10 in a large lounge room. Why not hold Karaoke Booster as a special event for your bookclub meetup or another social occasion.


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