I loves empowering others to nurture their true voice.

I love to teach singing because I want to share my passion for singing.
My love of singing has helped me in so many ways. Singing is empowering.
Because of singing …. being brave and facing my fears at a young age was possible.
Because of singing …high school was easier.
Because of singing ….  I learnt resilience and how to take rejection.

Singing allows us to voice what we feel, not just in words or pitches, but in timbres (the way our voice sounds) and in physical expression, or lack of.

Singing allows me to transport myself and others to personal places and find our unique spaces within.  
Your voice is unique and will help you share and utilise your skills and abilities. You deserve the best voice to sing out whatever your heart desires.

Phoebe, the Choir Director.

I'm not your average choir director.
I have a vision. As choirs meet weekly, I have regular opportunities to help singers in my choir improve their singing and their vocal techniques. Many choirs don’t make time for teaching even simple singing techniques.

I direct one choir at the moment.
The Manningham Arts Studio Choir, we rehearse above the Doncaster Library. We meet on Thursdays from 10am to 12pm and we have a social coffee afterwards. As most of the members are retired women(but men are invited too), it's the perfect time of day for a sing. The song theme changes each term. Term 3 we'll be singing some Broadway Hits.

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