Honouring their memory through song.

... Thank you for the beautiful singing during dad's funeral service. It was truly beautiful and honoured his memory. M. Hillas

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My process is simple.

You can book me by filling out the form or calling me.

Once we've confirmed that I am available to provide the service, we'll have a chat about music. I want to know what sort of ambience you want.

Beautiful music is beautiful music, but we can get a bit more personalised than that.

I have a song list of popular requests that you can use if you're going black.

To me, nothing is inappropriate. It's all about meaning.
If your cousin was in a race car driver with a nickname about being a demon on the road, "Highway to hell" as a final song might be a really great choice, but maybe not for your crocheting grandma who owned a tea house.

I love stories and how a group of songs can tell an overview of someones life.

Let me sing your loved one's story.

PS. I have a FAQ on the bookings page - just click on the link above or below.

Download my Song List

Top: Stairway to Heaven from my Cabaret Funeral's with Phoebe, September 2018
Top Right: A video on how to get started on planning your loved ones Funeral Music
Bottom Left: Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring Duet by Bach from an adorable Church Wedding, March 2018

Book a Funeral with Phoebe


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