Funeral Singing

Honour their memory through song!

Harness the power of live music at your loved ones's Funeral Service, Burial or Wake.


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We can find a song that sings their personality.

I love stories and how a group of songs can speak of someone's life.

Let me sing your loved one's story.

My process is simple - book me by emailing or calling me.

We'll have a chat about music. I want to know what sort of ambience you want, what you want the music to say about your loved one.

Beautiful music is beautiful music, but we can get a bit more personalised than the top 10 funeral songs. We can find a song that sings their personality.

I have a song list of popular requests that you can get ideas from and there are many alternatives to the popular songs.

To me, nothing is inappropriate. It's all about meaning.
If your cousin was a marine biologist who grew up listening to the Beatles, "Octopus's Garden" as a final song might be a really great choice, but maybe not for your crocheting grandma who owned a tea house and never went diving.

A song at their graveside?

Will you be visiting their grave site on the next anniversary?

Have a song to make it more meaningful and to keep you in good company.