Honour Your Voice & let your Soul Sing!

A 10 week online course for women to connect to a deeper sense of self through vocalising.

Who is it for? 

- You love music more than anything, you would feel incomplete if you didn't have music in your life.
- You'll use any excuse to stay in the shower singing or making silly sounds
- You're open to nudging your comfort zone
- You know that the voice can say more than words
- You feel that your voice can play a bigger part in your self-expression
- You know there is this raw power inside of you and you just want to RAWR it.
- You'd spend the whole day imitating animals and making other sounds, if you could

- You want your inner child to get in on the singing action

What to Expect

The course has been created to deepen your relationship with all aspects of yourself. The focus is on "feeling" and "experiencing" NOT doing.

I will invite and encourage you to make sounds you never thought you could make, channel that inner baboon, vocalise what we cannot put into words.
I will give you warm up audios to keep you singing, but I won't be going into too much technical detail.
I will also give you up to 5 songs - The sheet Music and the Karaoke Backing. These songs will be your vessels to sing with the heart.

Singing breathing uses more of the body than everyday breathing. I'll be showing you how to use, expand and activate your body for singing.

Singing is a meditation. Let's clear the mind and go inwards. Breathe. Make Sound.

How much time should you put aside?

I want you to sing everyday. How much for, who with and why, is up to you.
Singing is an athletic activity and exploring your soul also requires  consistency.
A daily practice is going to be very rewarding.
Also, with singing there is a roll over effect if you sing and warm up everyday.

How flexible is the course? 
Very, you move through the content when you want to. It may feel right to focus on one thing for 3 weeks, or just 1. Use your intuition.
We have a weekly Soul Soaring Hour Call on Monday evenings at 7:30pm (AEST), which will be recorded for those who can't make it.

This is a journey we can share with our sisters. There will be a facebook group in which you can post all your celebrations, questions, learnings and videoed vocalising (Only if you feel the urge to share your vocalising).
In this group I will also post reminders and links for the Soul Soaring Hour.

Not sure whether it's a fit or not?? 
Let me help.
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This course is currently in Beta Phase.
What does that mean? 
It means that the first 10 singers to join will be asked to give detailed feedback during and after the course, and will receive over 50% off the course.
Beta Phase: $557
Payment Plans are available.
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Who is Phoebe Deklerk?

Phoebe Deklerk has loved singing for as long as she can remember. Enjoying the practice of preparing and improving the voice, Phoebe is an emerging Opera Singer.

In her relationships she often felt mis-understood, over-looked or pigeon holed. She felt like she was never taken seriously as her attempts to be assertive were met with jokes and snickers. She struggled to express who she was and how she felt. All she really wanted to be was nurtured. She developed a love of caring for animals and her younger brother, but that didn't teach her how to nurture herself or anything about self-care. At times singing was the only way she feel at ease with herself, communicating genuinely. When Phoebe sang she understood herself, was present for herself and she felt she was her truest version.

Noticing that other women also have this struggle inspired Phoebe to share her story and help women change theirs.

From private students, choirs and this 10 week courses for women to realise and release their self-expression, Phoebe's mission is to give people the power to Embrace and honour their voices and be who they really are in their relationships, work life, and with themselves.

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