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Sung Fun!

An injection of better singing = Singing more, because... duh, we sing more when we feel like we are ROCKIN' IT!! [High Five] 

What you'll get:

  • 4 modules (or weeks) of singeducation.  (relax and let the tips and tricks seep into your singing brain & voice).  
  • Accompanying Exercises and easy (sing-a-long or do as I say) homework to deepen the learning.
  • It's a low homework course, but the homework is worth doing, even once - you'll have some singing AHAs. 
  • Your questions answered - got a question that everyone can benefit from?? Ask and I'll make a video about it for all of the students and stick it into the bonus section.
  • The other option is just to sit and watch, eat your popcorn, please chew it properly cause chockin' on popcorn is not good for singing. Followed by Mamma Mia (The movie) in sing a long mode would make an ultimate afternoon of SUNG FUN. Sounds lush. 

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