Farewell: Your Greatest Hits

Traditional funerals are boring and totally un-authentic.

Plus planning a funeral when you're meant to be grieving for someone is not easy. It's not easy to make lots and lots of new decisions while you're processing a loss.

Whether you might not want to be in this position yourself or don't want your loved ones to be in this position, there are some things that you can do.

Planning is a simple step, but to get real and face certain facts can be hard. Pondering death and funerals can be tough. Which is why I've created a life focused, FUN funeral music planning questionnaire.

It's designed not be too serious. No big Grimm Reaper funeral questions here. 19 pages of quirky, fun questions that will make you remember your record player or disk-man. You get to go down history lane rather than death boulevard.

Happy Song remembering.

With every questionnaire I offer a free brainstorming session with me to help move past the blanks you might be having or just someone to share your ideas with.
Details on how to claim are provided upon purchase.

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Confrontations with mortality are never easy. Phoebe’s funeral music planner offered a refreshing approach to situations of bereavement by emphasising joy, whimsy and celebration. It made me reflect upon music’s profound capacity to hold memories and emotions. I would highly recommend this document, as it builds the foundation for a funeral that truly honours the richness of life. - Monica S. Melbourne

Who is Phoebe Deklerk? 

Phoebe Deklerk has loved singing for as long as she can remember, she first experienced the combination of grief and song as a teenager often listening to Adagio in G minor to allow herself to feel vulnerable. At 19 she sang Amazing Grace at the burial of her families beloved dog, Sammy, whilst crying.

Since then Phoebe has sung at several funeral services and become passionate about preparations for the end of our lives. She co-wrote and performed a Funeral themed cabaret Phoebe's Fond Farewells: Everything you wanted to know about funeral songs but were afraid to ask! She has also presented workshops on choosing funeral music.

From private clients, Funerals, and a coaching service to align women with their true voice through vocal exploration, Phoebe's mission is to give people the power to make choices about how to personalise their final celebration.


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