Online Singing Telegrams

Send a song to someone you love, for a special occasion or just to say "I'm here for you".

What is a Singing Telegram? 

Pre-COVID19, a singing telegram was a service you could hire from an entertainer to go to the receivers home or office, sing a song, maybe give them some flowers or chocolates and pass on a small message.
You could hire them to go to your partner's office on the day of your anniversary, they would wish them a happy anniversary then sing YOUR love song (gift something, if planned) and wish them a happy rest of their day.

Why send a Singing Telegram? 

Why not??

A Singing Telegram can say more than a greeting card, be more romantic than a greeting card? 

Intimate. Thoughtful.

Whether you just want to do something nice for someone's birthday or you just want to say "I'm thinking fo you" with a song and message, I'm your songstress.

With everyone being isolated and separated from each other since March a song message can brighten up someone's day better than a postcard of a cute quokka.

No stress if you don't have a song in mind, we can choose one together.

All the receiver needs is a phone, or computer to access the link.

A Song can say it all.


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