Digital Singing Messages

Send a song to someone you love, for a special occasion or just to say "I'm here for you".

What is a Digital Singing Message? 

Pre-COVID19, a singing telegram was a service you could hire from an entertainer to go to the receivers home or office, sing a song, maybe give them some flowers or chocolates and pass on a small message.

How does it work?

Together, we'll choose a song for your special person, something that shares the message you want and is a song that I can ACE on your behalf.

I'll sing the song and record the message by the agreed date.

I'll share the link with you once the video is uploaded and you will have access to the video forever.

Go and share it with the receiver and other people who will appreciate the gesture.

Intimate. Thoughtful.

With everyone being isolated and separated from each other since March a song message can brighten up someone's day better than a postcard of a cute quokka.

A Song can say it all.

Is it a loved ones Birthday coming up?

Are they going to celebrate a birthday alone, have to change their original birthday plans (Which might have involved travel) or be prevented from having interstate visitors?
Whether you just want to do something nice for someone's birthday or you just want to say "I'm thinking fo you" with a song and message, I'm your songstress.

A song can say so much more than a message or letter or gift card. It can be sent alone or with a physical gift.

They're currently popular with people who have a parent in a nursing home, Independent Living Village or interstate.

I'm Phoebe, a classically trained singer. I love how music can transport and heal us. I cry at every Opera, will battle you to an ABBA off and wish I could dance and sing at the same time.

Jazz Songs I sing:
Fly me to the Moon
What a Wonderful World
All of Me
Dream a Little Dream of Me

Some Popular Opera arias and Classical Songs:
Panis Angelicus
Ave Maria
O mio Bambino Caro
Arias from The Marriage of Figaro by Mozart

My current fee is $90 for a Digital Singing Message.

Book by contacting me via email or phone.

**The video examples I have used are true Singing Telegrams. The messages has been removed for privacy considerations.


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