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When we sing better, we want to sing more and we enjoy it more.

What you'll get:

  • 4 modules (or weeks) of singeducation.  (relax and let the tips and tricks seep into your singing brain & voice).  
  • Accompanying Exercises and easy (sing-a-long or do as I say) homework to deepen the learning.
  • A low homework course, but the homework is worth doing, even once - you'll have some singing AHAs. 
  • Your questions answered - got a question? Pop it into the comments and I'll answer.
  • Video answers to questions that everyone can benefit from. These will be in the bonus section.
  • The option to sit and watch, eat your popcorn, and learn. Please chew it properly cause chockin' on popcorn is not good for singing. This strategy is best if you follow the learning with a sing-a-long movie. Making it an ultimate afternoon of SUNG FUN. Sounds lush. 

What is in the modules?

Week 1

Busting common singing myths

What do you know about breathing? 

Singing is an athletic activity 

Week 2

Breathing - the basics

Resonance (the sounds our voice makes through the spaces in our head)

Week 3

Knowing your voice

Week 4

Making it easier for yourself to sing 

Make yourself a singing spot

Who do you sing for?


Singing for someone, a relative, loved one or friend can add huge meaning and purpose to your singing. 

How loving is it to sing a song to your partner or have your mother smile when you sing her happy birthday? 

Singing for yourself is also a beautiful experience. Something that you do just for you, from you. It definitely moves into the realm of self healing. 

Start singing today

This course is not for you...

  • If you want a really technical understanding of singing. (That course is coming). 
  • If your ideal way of progressing your singing is to sing along to endless youtube karaoke playlists. (Fun, and a way to enjoy the knowledge from this course in action). 
  • If you want a single dose voice-superstar-making-nugget. (Singing is about consistency.)
  • If learning online isn't something you are comfortable with. 

Your Singing journey starts here...

Whether you want to sing better for yourself, your partner, your complaining children, your whining dog or someone else, there is no better time than to start today. 

Start small, start easy. 

Sung Fun! is the ideal tool for you. 

Start singing now