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A Magical Christmas Eve~Leonard Cohen Night

 5pm & 7:30pm - Dinner included @ Kidogo ArtHouse, Fremantle

Spend a magical Christmas Eve in a sublime setting, filled with the iconic masterpieces of legendary songwriter, Leonard Cohen.

Leonard Cohen "tragic", Nick Turner has been performing Leonard’s songbook throughout his career and is proud to share his love for the Maestro and his poetic music through this very special tribute.

Accompanied by Adam Gare, Mark Ralph & Phoebe Deklerk who will add the the subtle, intricate layers that complete Leonard’s masterpieces. Delicious food incl. No BYO.

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Cumming of Age @ Fringe World

6:30pm 26th - 29th January @ The Sewing Room. Wolf Lane, Perth.

Orgasms are a beautiful thing. But why don't we talk about masturbation? This oversight will be addressed.

Cry, laugh, and cringe as Phoebe sings her way through her discovery of masturbation, love, physical intimacy, and long, long... dry spells.

"When I was 5 I was caught in a blow-up pool with the end of the hose on my pom-pom (as my Dad would call it) giggling my head off."

Cumming of Age is a one-woman comedic, musical show starring Phoebe Deklerk: a quirky singer who loves talking about the weird and wonderful. 

"...a phenomenal soprano that will no doubt be on stages worldwide in no time." - The AU Review, 2018

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