Came so far for Beauty

8pm 24th June 2022

  @ Clancy's Fish Pub, Fremantle

This heartfelt homage captures both the warmth and magic of Leonard’s magnificent live performances in his last touring years with the darker and starker Leonard we grew up listening to in our bedrooms. Nick Turner and Phoebe Deklerk share lead vocals and are joined by the The Secret Chords in full six piece glory. The A list of Fremantle folk musicians, including Adam Gare. We deliver a show that will transport you back to your most treasured Leonard moments.

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Budding Singer! Workshops for young voices

14th July 2022

10am - 12pm // 7 to 10 year olds. 

1pm - 3pm // 9 to 12 year olds. 

  @ Mosarts, 16 Lochee st, Mosman Park, Perth

The best thing for young minds is having fun doing something that can become a passion.
These 2 hour workshops will be bite size introductions or revisions to singing and performance.
From a full body and vocal warm up, posing and stance, musical games, acting games and requested song sing throughs, this workshop is comprehensive. Be prepared to have a mini concert at home the next day.
Each singer will be able to nominate 3 songs to sing after registering and the top 3 - 5 will get sung and performance practiced.
Parents will be welcome to be present for the last 30 minutes for a final song show off and mingle.
Having previously been a group singing teacher for 6 year olds up to the 70 year olds, Phoebe loves to share her knowledge and LOVE of singing with all.
Phoebe has also been queen Elsa (and other princesses) at kids birthday parties.
What if my child is 9 or 10???
The main difference between the 2 groups is age and development, which is why there is an overlap. Choose the workshop that you feel will best suit your buddying singer.
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Cumming of Age @ Mosarts

19th & 20th August 2022

Show @ 7:30pm

  @ Mosarts, Lochee St, Mosman Park

Orgasms are a beautiful thing. But why don't we talk about masturbation? This oversight will be addressed.

Cry, laugh, and cringe as Phoebe sings her way through her discovery of masturbation, love, physical intimacy, and long, long... dry spells. 

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The Woman who Cooked her Husband 

by Much Productions

12 - 14th August 2022

Evening shows

  @ Mosarts, Lochee St, Mosman Park

The controversial play is back near you. 

Learn some cooking lessons from Hillary, some lessons of Sass from Laura and most of all, how to make your wife want to cook you, from Kenneth in this delightful dark comedy. 

Runs for about 90 minutes. 

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