I loves empowering others to nurture their true voice and explore their range through speaking and singing.

I help empower women to discover and use their best voices.

Our speaking voices are so important in our everyday life. We use them to make requests, offer assistance, express emotion, desires, regrets, to ask for help and soo much more.

If we don't like our speaking voices, how likely is it that we will be able to speak with confidence and in a way that aligns with who we are what words we’re using?
Errr, not much.

The thing is, not many women KNOW that they can change that. The only reason I know it is because developing your voice through singing changes your speaking voice. People who I hadn’t spoken with in years couldn’t recognise my voice over the phone, then when I reminded them it was me, they’d say things like. “Your voice is more vibrant”, “You sound really healthy and happy”, even if I was having a bad day.

I’ve met woman who will quite easily and freely say they don’t like they voices. It amazes me. We only get one voice this life time and we have the power to shape it into an extension of ourselves and not an echo of our negative conditioning.

How will you feel when you feel confident in what you say because your voice sounds confident?
How are you going to feel when you know that your voice is your best friend in speaking out and sharing your glorious story?

“F****in Epic.” Is what I hope you’re screaming out.

Some women I’ve worked with have complained of;
-Not being taken seriously at work because their accent is cute and their voice is a lighter higher voice.
- Having a monotonic, un-melodic voice that has one volume level.
-Having too much fry in the voice/ wanting to have more melody in their voice.[Vocal Fry is a sound that is created in the throat, it is also called Creaky Voice and is often heard in Pop singing (Britney Spears is a great example)]

I call my sessions Voice Harmonising, but you can think of it as aligning your voice with your soul and your values.

In my sessions I use my knowledge of the voice, breathe and mindset and I’ll give you homework (It'll give us results sooner and it's such a habit from my singing teacher days).

My Packages

I offer 2 packages at the moment.
a 4 session package and the 8 session package. Both can lead to continuous coaching, or touch up sessions.
My hope is that we will really change things for you so you don't need consistent coaching.

Book in a 30 min Free Session.

My free session are a bit like a diagnosis. I want as much info about you, your voice, and your vocal history.
I'll teach you some simple exercises that you can use to change your voice.

Book your Session

4 Sessions

In 4 sessions we'll explore;
- Your relationship with breath and your voice
- Current beliefs about the voice
- Your dream voice and how it can transform your life
- Vocal Health
- Being Heard, Authentically

8 Sessions

In the 8 session package we'll explore everything in the 4 session package more deeply and more.
We'll move into primal sounds to get your voice sounding free, extend your vocal range and deepen your expression.
You'll also get access to my library of guided meditations, warm up videos and breath exercises.


Be updated

I'll send you monthly to fortnightly (14 emails a year) emails inviting you to my performances, I'll also share my recent concert videos, freebies and upcoming products and video series.

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