Wedding Ceremonies

Phoebe sang so beautifully at our wedding. All the guests commented on how well she sang and her voice added a certain special something to our day. I’d definitely recommend her.
Zoe Davies

The voice of an angel

Walking towards the love of your life, you hear a pure voice that reassures you. It seems to come from nowhere, but it stays with you during this important moment. Now the singing takes you to a feeling of joy, a safe place for you and them and your future together.

I enjoy sharing my love and passion for music and through my singing I will give you my heart and soul for your wedding. My rich soprano voice is guaranteed to add elegance and beauty to your wedding. As well as being an excellent performer, I am punctual, well groomed, reliable and honest.

Phoebe did a fantastic job of singing at our wedding. She met up with us beforehand to pick out songs we liked and also participated in the rehearsal. She was very professional and her voice was amazing.
Dr Russell Barrett


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